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Linux-Enabled HDMI Stick Promises Universal AirPlay

DeviceGuru (1136715) writes | about a year ago


DeviceGuru (1136715) writes "LinuxGizmos reports that Plair is now shipping its Plair media-streaming device to U.S. customers. Unveiled earlier this year at CES, the $99 (currently back-ordered) embedded Linux-powered gadget is said to provide AirPlay-like beaming of multimedia content from Apple, Windows, and Android devices to 'any HDTV' with an available HDMI port. Plair’s operation differs from the usual AirPlay experience, in that the content is not streamed directly from a PC, tablet, or smartphone to the Plair device; instead, the Plair streams its own content from the Web as a result of the user selecting it through a Chrome browser plugin on a Windows PC or a Mac, or via a dedicated Plair app on an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Incidentally, a free Android Plair app is available now at Google Play; without a Plair device, the app will play content from 'curated sources' directly on the android tablet or phone (don't expect a lot at this point, though). Android XBMC and/or Navi-X outshine it by lightyears!"
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