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New console always online requirements and YOU

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year ago


An anonymous reader writes "It's almost here and the details appear to strongly say "always on" is the way forward. We all know that this is an artificial requirement and certainly there are plenty of people on all sides of the table. To paraphrase the user "tuffy" who commented on this issue at Arstechnica recently; if you're trying to sell "always online" as a feature of the future, there needs to be some benefit for me the customer...

There is not one. Or rather there is no sign yet of any actual clearly compelling reason why any end user would support this limitation to their purchase. So what's the best way to express this? Spend your money on an Ouya? Contact the XBOX team? These are all valid options but they all lack the same thing. Visibility. Is something new called for that could help actually quantify what the levels of discontent in the gamer community really are. Maybe E3 attendees, could turn their backs in protest like some did during Thatchers funeral procession. or gamers could sign something at We the People. What do YOU /.'ers think? Just buy a Steam machine?

As a gamer I'm of two minds about the whole thing. I really don't like it but I may roll over eventually and join the herd because I could get used to it. Then again part of me is rankled by this slow erosion of access to me and my data."

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