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How to teach IT to senior management

gagol (583737) writes | about a year and a half ago


gagol (583737) writes "I recently took a position at a small industrial equipment manufacturer. We are looking to buy a new ERM software package and my boss, who is looking forward to buy the thing, knows nothing about computers or software. I will be providing basic IT training to the senior management and I am looking for your input on the scope and content of said training. I am thinking: basic components and architecture -> networking -> software -> proprietary vs open source. What do you think?"

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The most important thing... (1)

jonwil (467024) | about a year and a half ago | (#43632897)

Is to teach the top management not to believe all the stuff in the shiny brochures from the ERM vendors and to consult with the in-house experts (i.e. the IT team) to make sure they get the best solution for the company's needs rather than just the one from the company with the best marketing department.

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