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What Happens To Programmers At 25 and 45?

mikejuk (1801200) writes | about a year ago


mikejuk (1801200) writes "A short while ago Slashdot reported on a study that showed that StackOverflow reputation grew with age and a few other obvious things but if you look closely at the data things are much more interesting.
There is a very big increase in reputation variance at about 45 years. Before this age the variance is small and lies around a regression line that indicates a steep increase in reputation. You could almost call the 20 to 45 the "driven" period where everyone is fiercely competing for reputation and accumulating it as befits their age and status.
Similarly until 25 the number of tags, measuring the range of interests falls then it starts to rise. Could this be the age of disillusionment — when the one true technology fails to deliver and they start to look around for alternatives?
So something happens around 25 and 45 to change the way programmers behave — but what?"

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