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RPiCluster: Yet Another Raspberry Pi-based Beowulf Cluster

TheJish (2926133) writes | about a year ago


TheJish (2926133) writes "The RPiCluster is a 33-node Beowulf cluster built using Raspberry Pis (RPis). The RPiCluster is a little side project I worked on over the last couple months as part of my dissertation work at Boise State University. I had need of a cluster to run a distributed simulator I've been developing. The RPiCluster is the result. I've written an informal document on why I built the RPiCluster, how it was built, and how it performs as compared to other platforms. I also put together a YouTube video of it running an MPI parallel program I created to demo the RGB LEDs installed on each node as part of the build.

While there have certainly been larger RPi clusters put together recently, I figured the /. community might be interested in this build as I believe it is a novel approach to the rack mounting and power management of RPis.

Further Information:
Press Release, Report (Technical Details), Demo Video"

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Coolest looking Pie cluster out there (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43760235)

I love the way these are hooked together and the lighting. Great Job! Have you considered using OpenMPI?

Re: Coolest looking Pie cluster out there (1)

TheJish (2926133) | about a year ago | (#43760289)

I actually just installed openmpi on it, I just need to port my programs over....slightly different function names than mpich, of course. One especially nice benefit to openmpi is that you don't have to compile it from source for ARM. It is available in the Arch Linux repositories.
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