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3-D Printable Food for NASA and the Very Hungry

cervesaebraciator (2352888) writes | about a year and a half ago


cervesaebraciator (2352888) writes ""[...] Systems & Materials Research Corporation, just got a six month, $125,000 grant from NASA to create a prototype of his universal food synthesizer. But Contractor, a mechanical engineer with a background in 3D printing, envisions a much more mundane—and ultimately more important—use for the technology. He sees a day when every kitchen has a 3D printer, and the earth’s 12 billion people feed themselves customized, nutritionally-appropriate meals synthesized one layer at a time, from cartridges of powder and oils they buy at the corner grocery store. Contractor’s vision would mean the end of food waste, because the powder his system will use is shelf-stable for up to 30 years, so that each cartridge, whether it contains sugars, complex carbohydrates, protein or some other basic building block, would be fully exhausted before being returned to the store." No word yet on whether anyone other than the guy trying to sell the technology thinks it'll make palatable food."
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Fuck that (1)

fireman sam (662213) | about a year ago | (#43786425)

Who would ever want to live in a place where food is marketed the same as printer cartridges? You get the food printer with a "lite" cartridge that can only print 4 meals for $500. To purchase additional cartridges it will cost $5000. If you try to put your own food substance in the cartridge you will have the full force of the US [private company] defense force come down on you screaming DMCA.

Control the food, control the people

Re:Fuck that (1)

DadLeopard (1290796) | about a year ago | (#43787611)

Then you will also have the problem with Counterfeit Carts, that are 50% filler instead of the real thing! So either way Proprietary carts with ID check, and plenty of opportunity for gouging, or open source with the problem of you don't actually know what you are really getting, till it is too late! Nice idea for NASA though, since i'm going to assume they will fill their own carts!
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