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IBM releases 'Watson box'

angry tapir (1463043) writes | about a year ago


angry tapir (1463043) writes "IBM has released a new product based on the game-show-winning technology used in Watson. The new 'Watson Engagement Advisor' is designed to let companies better interact with their customers, either directly through providing an intelligent agent that draws on natural language processing, a knowledge store and data about an individual customer or indirectly by advising the people who directly engage with a business' customers. IBM says that performance of the Watson system has increased by 240 per cent since it won Jeopardy! and its size has been reduced to the equivalent of four pizza boxes."
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Automated user support for enterprise customers? (1)

Ellie K (1804464) | about a year ago | (#43790031)

The article is a good read. IBM'ls decision to use Watson for this purpose doesn't seem likely to improve customer service at the enterprise level. If you're an enterprise or major corporate customer, you are presumably paying plenty for user support, and will want a person to help you. The not-automated usage scenario could work though. A live customer service person would benefit from Watson type assistance.

This doesn't seem well-suited toward small businesses, but I didn't find anything about the target market.

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