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Scientists question whether quantum computer really is quantum

gbrumfiel (1917934) writes | about a year and a half ago


gbrumfiel (1917934) writes "Last week, Google and NASA announced a partnership to buy a new quantum computer from Canadian firm D-Wave Systems. But NPR news reports that many scientists are still questioning whether new machine really is quantum. Long-time critic and computer scientist Scott Aaronson has a long post detailing the current state of affairs. At issue is whether the 512 quantum bits at the processor's core are "entangled" together. Measuring that entanglement directly destroys it, so D-Wave has had a hard time convincing skeptics. As with all things quantum mechanical, the devil is in the details.

Still it may not matter: D-Wave's machine appears to be far faster at solving certain kinds of problems, regardless of how it works."

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Conflict of Interest (1)

Big Hairy Ian (1155547) | about a year and a half ago | (#43792927)

I realise this isn't on the FP but Catherine C. McGeoch the principle scientist performing the experiment is a D-Wave employee so there's a bit of a conflict of interest!
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