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Who owns the multinational corporation tax problem?

OzUnsane (55826) writes | about a year ago


OzUnsane (55826) writes "The current grilling of Apple in front of a US Senate hearing on the amount of tax they pay is just the latest in a long series of questions asked by governments around the world. Or in actual fact, question, because it's all the same question: why aren't you paying enough taxes? The problem is, governments are asking the wrong people, and the wrong question. The real question is — who owns the multinational corporation tax problem?"
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No, there's a more real question (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | about a year ago | (#43798865)

Why even have business taxes? They are merely passed on to consumers, inefficiently of course. You could save a lot of paperwork and move a lot of jobs from unproductive overhead to inventing and building gadgets if you got rid of business taxes. But then government would lose the chance to play favorites, creating tax breaks for their favorite donors.

Current tax code has no place in a free society (1)

schwit1 (797399) | about a year ago | (#43799035)

http://www.kpmg.com/global/en/services/tax/tax-tools-and-resources/pages/corporate-tax-rates-table.aspx [kpmg.com]

USA is second highest corporate tax rate.

I agree with the first post. The tax code should not be a plaything for politicians. Having such a high rate is not a problem for the big corporations since they can afford serious tax help(and probably write it off on their taxes) while the small business struggles.

A national consumption tax where people and corps pay the same rate would hugely simplify everyone's life. But then it would put a lot of tax people out of work.

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