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Why Everyone Gets It Wrong About BYOD

snydeq (1272828) writes | about a year ago


snydeq (1272828) writes "The Squeaky Wheel's Brian Katz offers a refreshingly simple take on the buzz around BYOD in business organizations these days: 'BYOD is only an issue because people refuse to realize that it's just about ownership — nothing more and nothing less.' A 'hidden issue' hiding in plain view, BYOD's ownership issue boils down to money and control. 'BYOD is pretty clear: It's bringing your own device. It isn't the company's device or your best friend's device. It's your device, and you own it. Because you own the device, you have certain rights to what is on the device and what you can do with the device. This is the crux of every issue that comes with BYOD programs.'"

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it is your device, but their network (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43852729)

A network admin's job is make sure the network is healthy and secure, and that means controlling what types of machines are allowed to connect to it, and what they are allowed to do when connected. If YOUR device has software not controlled by corporate IT, then it can, and will do things beyond corporate's control (bring YOUR laptop in one date and periodically netstat to see whats happening). So yes, its your device, use it on your network and play by your rules. Want to use it on MY network, then it has to pass MY standards, and that means I control what it does, not YOU.

So sayeth the Network Admin.

Re:it is your device, but their network (1)

sjames (1099) | about a year ago | (#43852997)

So, you will naturally be furnishing all those employees with an employer owned device, right?

Re:it is your device, but their network (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43853535)

usually that would be the case and any company with a moderate sized IT department should

Re:it is your device, but their network (1)

sjames (1099) | about a year ago | (#43854713)

There's the tradeoff. Employers like BYOD because they don't have to buy all those devices.

If they think there are issues with BYOD... (1)

maharvey (785540) | about a year ago | (#43853937)

Wait till we get BYOB!

With SDN .... (1)

ultrasawblade (2105922) | about a year ago | (#43854645)

everyone could just BOYN.

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