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iPhone Apparently Open To Old Wi-Fi Attack

judgecorp (778838) writes | about a year ago


judgecorp (778838) writes "Security researchers say that iPhone and other Apple devices are vulnerable to an old attack, using a fake Wi-Fi access point. Attackers can use an SSID which matches one that is stored on the iPhone (say "BTWiF"), which the iPhone will connect to automatically. Other devices are protected thanks to the use of HTTPS, which enforces HTTPS, but iPhones are susceptible to this man in the middle attack, researchers say."
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Not exactly MitM (1)

babboo65 (1437157) | about a year ago | (#43997529)

This is a lot less session hijack by guessing the next sequence in an online transaction (man in the middle) and much more about wifi spoofing.

What prevents someone from setting up their own hotspot at a place known to provide free wifi, and just name it with the same SSID?

More to the point, this is something any wifi connected device can fall prey to with a less than cautious user. Saving an unsecured Wifi and then going further by allowing your device to auto join is really creating the vulnerability and making the exploit possible.

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