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Airplane Cockpits Likely to Resemble Giant iPads

pbahra (1889666) writes | about a year ago


pbahra (1889666) writes "In the not-too-distant future, airliner cockpit panels are likely to resemble giant iPads, as the current dizzying array of knobs and switches gives way to touch screens adapted from consumer devices.

If implemented quickly enough, new designs unveiled at the Paris International Air Show would mean that by the end of this decade airline pilots will issue basic airborne commands—from changing course to controlling engines—by tapping or dragging icons across screens, people in the industry said.

There are obvious issues though. What happens if there is severe turbulence and the engine fire-extinguisher function is deep in a menu?"

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Trackballs... (1)

Deadstick (535032) | about a year ago | (#44063549)

...are in use now. There are cursor-driven displays that have a handgrip with a trackball on the bottom; you grasp the handle and manipulate the ball with your fingertips.

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