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NYC Tech Sector Growing Faster Than City Can Keep Up

BioTitan (2624413) writes | about a year ago


BioTitan (2624413) writes "New York City's plans to build it's tech sector have turned out like a party gone wrong—someone inviting 100 people expecting 10 to show up, but finding that not only did everyone come, but they also brought their friends. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to build NYC into the second Silicon Valley. Dedicated spaces complete with 3-D printers, workshops, and computers with design software are being built—with the Brooklyn Navy Yard leading the way—yet there is far from enough space to meet demand. Tucker Reed, president of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, said "Despite the presence of a considerable number of commercial buildings in downtown Brooklyn, longer term leases have tied up much of the current space over the next five years.""
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Second Valley (1)

IrishTech (2842343) | about a year ago | (#44065325)

Would love to see a second Valley "Erected", this would help with advancing Technology at a faster rate, this is my opinion only. These long term leases held by companies that aren't utilizing the space could possibly be "reviewed" by the owners and lease holders, maybe there is some wiggle room for some negotiation. Bring the minds together to make a larger intelligence (or something like that).
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