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Did Skype tip the government about NSA leak?

sfcrazy (1542989) writes | about a year ago


sfcrazy (1542989) writes "Glen Greenwald recently told the world that Edward Snowden has NSA documents encrypted and distributed to a few key people — and it will be decrypted if anything happens to him. Another aspect of the story which was overlooked was that when Glen told his colleague that he would send some documents to him his (the colleague's) laptop was stolen after two days. Glen gave this info about sending document to his colleague over Skype. Does that mean that Microsoft is working with the government to let them spy on people? Not surprising Microsoft recently patented a technology to just that."
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Well, probably (1)

Naish0ze (2961925) | about a year ago | (#44110053)

A: The FSB has claimed that they are able to tap skype calls,

and B: Skype (Mirosoft) is in the list of cooperating companies in Snowdens PRISM disclosure. If A and B are true, C: it is likely that ALL skype calls are either actively intercepted in real time or logged for voice and language analysis later (probably minutes later) (In fiction this is a central part of a 'Project Black Briar')

If that doesn't give you the willies and make you clutch your laptop and hide under the bed, well try this on for size.

Slate reports (Hastings) last email, found by a friend, read: "Hey... the feds are interviewing my 'close friends and associates.' Perhaps if the authorities arrive 'buzz Feed GQ' er HQ, may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues. Also: I'm onto a big story, and need to go off the radar for a bit."

Investigators are yet to formally identify Hastings' body as his remains are so badly charred.

On the subject of his car accident, the LAPD says there are no signs of foul play. His Mercedes reportedly hit a tree at high speed, causing the car to burst into flames. But there are some eyewitness accounts which suggest his car exploded before impact.

It would seem a stolen laptop may be the least of our concerns

Die Skype Die, block its packets, kill it now (1)

cheekyboy (598084) | about a year ago | (#44110335)

Someone please make a windows program that blocks skype traffic, kills skype installs, uninstalls it, and prevents it forever existing.

Haha, MS, hope NSA paid you the $9b

Maybe people should use ytalk via ssh to a server in iceland next time.

Seriously, why trust skype, use irc or old school voice party line aka 80s

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