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Is Space Traffic Creating More Clouds?

seagirlreed (2003816) writes | about a year ago


seagirlreed (2003816) writes "Rocket traffic may be adding water to the Earth's mesosphere, leading to more very high clouds in this layer of thin air on the edge of space."
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Typical irresponsible alarmism (1)

macpacheco (1764378) | about a year ago | (#44194925)

There are how many space launches per year worldwide ?
Many rockets use liquid hydrogen + liquid oxygen, those fuels generate only water vapours. No CO2, no sulfur, or real pollutants. Actually, liquid hydrogen is mostly produced from natural gas, so some CO2 is release, but far less than gasoline, Jet fuel or COAL.
Most rockets use RP1 + liquid oxygen. RP1 is similar to Jet Fuel, same pollution characteristics.
And airplanes use more than one thousand times the qty of Jet Fuel that rockets use RP1.
There are some solid rocket boosters which use fuels that do pollute more than RP1. But far less than COAL.
Still, this is nonsensical, we need to get off COAL, and reduce our oil consumption, rockets are hardly the culprits, tiny amounts.
Environment scientists, this make you look bad.
Finally, moving forward, SpaceX is working on a Methane fueled rocket engine, Natural Gas is essentially Methane, which will be more efficient than hydrogen produced from natural gas or RP1.

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