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The Black Underbelly Of Windows 8.1 'Blue'

snydeq (1272828) writes | about a year ago


snydeq (1272828) writes "Changes in Microsoft's forthcoming upgrade to Windows 8 reveal the dark underbelly of Microsoft's evolving agenda, one that finds pieces of Windows 8 inexplicably disappearing and a new feature that allows Microsoft to track your local searches cropping up, InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard reports. 'As Windows 8.1 Milestone Preview testers push and prod their way into the dark corners of Windows 8.1 "Blue," they're finding a bunch of things that go bump in the night. From new and likely unwelcome features, to nudges into the Microsoft data tracking sphere, to entire lopped-off pieces of Windows 8, it looks like Microsoft is changing Windows to further its own agenda.'"

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Anyone surprised? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#44218815)

Microsoft has long forgotten their market and are blindly chasing both Apple(walled garden) and Google(spyware company disguised as a marketing company disguised as a software company) even though neither are competitors with MS. The further they go chasing non-threats to their bottom-line, the worse their financial situation will get. Business will skip 8 AND "blue" That will be two cycles that Microsoft's core customers and brean and butter will skip. With everything but Windows and Office bleeding it won't be much longer under these two products cease being able to cover up the massive losses everywhere else.

Microsoft = The Next Kodak (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#44221099)

Remember Kodak ?

Microsoft is another Kodak in the making

Their market is evaporating in front of their eyes, and yet, they had no clue as to which new route they should steer their corporation towards

Re:Microsoft = The Next Kodak (1)

dead_user (1989356) | about a year ago | (#44221411)

Their market isn't evaporating. They just think it is. They are chasing butterflies, so to speak. I'm not convinced cloud computing will ever convince me to stop using my Word 2003.
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