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Quipper: A Programming Language for Quantum Coders

hutsell (1228828) writes | 1 year,19 days


hutsell (1228828) writes "Until now, quantum programming has been low-level instructions dealing with the quantum logic gates that control the qubits. A team of developers at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, have changed that by creating Quipper, the first high level programming language for quantum computing.

By customizing Haskell, a language suited well for physics applications, to deal with qubits and adding a small library of code for quantum properties, they were able to design their language to express instructions at a task level by bringing together algorithms in a modular way; allowing them to build the software in the same way as classical programming might be done with Java.

Since it requires testing by simulating a quantum computer on a classical computer (and incompatible with D-Wave), its best suited in its present state as a test bed for ideas and understanding how to write quantum software. In turn, it's felt this will help to influence the development of the rudimentary hardware existing today."

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