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HP are STILL regionalising their printers

norite (552330) writes | about 9 months ago


norite (552330) writes "I recently moved from the UK to Canada, and took my HP3050 printer with me. The removals firm told me to discard any printer cartridges as they could leak, and would not ship our things.

After our move, I started looking for cartridges, but bizarrely, I couldn't find the correct numbered ones, although I did find equivalent ones that would fit our model of printer. Some further research revealed that these would not work in our UK purchased printer, because like DVD players, the printer was region coded. I would have to contact HP and hope I found a representative who would understand the situation, (undoubtedly spending ages on the phone) as not many of them do and get it reset to the new region. Unfortunately, I had already discarded the cartridges so I could not print off any initial printer config pages for them to use to give me a new region code.

Fortunately, I've avoided the headache that this person went through 3 years ago I've ended up ordering much cheaper cartridges from the UK and several refill kits. I had no idea HP did this sort of sneaky, underhand tactic, and all it has achieved is that I'll probably never buy another HP product again. It seems there's no obvious benefit to consumers in HP doing this, other than it prevents them buying cheaper inks and therefore maximising profits, so what do the Slashdot community think of printer regionalisation?"


long ago... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 9 months ago | (#44337731)

...I quit buying HP printers. It was when their huge load of print driver software (and loads of other crap) practically shut down my windows machine and caused major grief to remove it all. I'll use HP hardware if there is a driver provided with the operating system and that's about it.

Agilent seems to have taken all the good karma from the original HP.

some fancy printer with all the bells and whistles (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 9 months ago | (#44338647)

I thought so till I Googled it.

I've got a HP3050 printer myself for it's Wifi and color printing yet I've never really used. My main printer is a LaserJet 5p that uses dirt cheap toner cartridges.

Toss it, don't worry about it, you've already spent more time on it than it's worth. ($70).

BTW you don't need to send your stuff around the world to have it come back to the printer. I've set mine up (WiFi) without the added programs it comes with; just using the printer drivers, printer properties and a Netgear WNDR3400 (N600) router.

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