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$853 million revenues for Microsoft Surface

symbolset (646467) writes | about a year ago


symbolset (646467) writes "Numerous sites are covering Microsoft's ordinarily dry 10-K report to the SEC today as it reveals more information about sales of tablets than previously disclosed. For the entire span of Microsoft Surface RT and Pro life so far, $853 million in revenues. As Microsoft has already written down $900 million in value of inventory on the Surface RT alone, this does not look good. Making it worse, additional advertising expense for Surface and Windows 8 come in at $898 million. If you're interested in directions in tech the 10-K is a long slog but worth the effort. Losses on the Surface Pro are yet to be revealed, and it is unknown whether Microsoft will be able to get the liquidation value out of their Surface RT stock that they expect.

Also in the 10-K: Microsoft doesn't want former Windows chief Stephen Sinofsky to work for Amazon, Apple, EMC, Google, Facebook, Oracle or VMware. The ban expires 12/31/13, so then he's free to do what he will."

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