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Duggeek (1015705) writes | about a year ago


Duggeek (1015705) writes "After 17 years, one of the best kept secrets in shopping, have shuttered their online doors. Myself, I have a small book of sales orders from years past. According to the latest announcement, that stack will not be growing any larger.

From the announcement:

Our vision has always been to provide the geeky tech consumer an alternative avenue to purchase quality refurbished and new techy products and gadgets. That vision was the cornerstone of our slogan “Best Deals Every Nanosecond”. Unfortunately after a lot of difficult consideration the owners of feel we are unable to come through on this vision any longer.

There are many why's... The e-commerce landscape, as well as the consumer electronics market, has changed dramatically with intense competition and a 1000lb gorilla (do we really need to say who) competitor that can lose millions of dollars to buy customers and suck up inventory. They can lose money with impunity, supported by the stock market. We cannot.

The landing page of their website now goes directly to this announcement; the storefront is switched off.

They maintain a Facebook page where a combination of remorse and surprise is rapidly growing. The letter also asserts that they will fulfill all business obligations to online customers during their transition to both a solitary, brick-and-mortar presence in California and a wholesale division, Evertek.

Personally, just about every keyboard in my closet was purchased from them, and another box full of USB devices as well. Five of my PC builds exist because of their competitive pricing and reasonable service. Feel free to share your own memories of the former Computer Geeks Discount Outlet."

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Ha-ha (1)

Slashdot Humor (2996799) | about a year ago | (#44463567)

"1000lb gorilla (do we really need to say who) competitor"
Are they making fun of Thinkgeek's monkey mascot?

Re:Ha-ha (1)

Jah-Wren Ryel (80510) | about a year ago | (#44463857)

Is thinkgeek able to lose millions of dollars without much care?

No. They are talking about Amazon.

Re:Ha-ha (1)

Slashdot Humor (2996799) | about a year ago | (#44465607)

Or maybe eBay?

Re:Ha-ha (1)

Slashdot Humor (2996799) | about a year ago | (#44465625)

When Thinkgeek owned /., they lost millions of dollars without much care. Now Dice are the people losing that money.

What a shame (1)

avm (660) | about a year ago | (#44463911)

I've been ordering random stuff from them forever, and they contributed to quite a few of my pc builds. They will definitely be missed, at least by their customers on the east coast.

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