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Intel Launches Yocto Project Innovation Challenge

DeviceGuru (1136715) writes | about 8 months ago


DeviceGuru (1136715) writes "Intel has just kicked off a five month contest offering 254 prizes to developers who submit embedded Linux product or project ideas involving Yocto Project software running on Intel processors. Six types of prizes — ranging from $50 gift cards, to Yocto Project hoodies and blimps, to 480GB SSDs — will be awarded to winning contest entries between now and the end of the year, and all the ideas will be shared publicly. Developers submit product or project ideas via a form on the contest's website, optionally supplemented by a link to a blog post, video (on YouTube or Vimeo), or image describing their idea. Each submission will be reviewed and then published on the Yocto Project Innovation Challenge website, enabling participants to show off their idea or get inspiration from others. Winners will be selected by judges supplied by UBM, based on criteria such as ingenuity, creativity, relevance, and clarity. Developers are permitted to submit multiple entries."
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