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Can there be open source music?

rDouglass (1068738) writes | about a year ago


rDouglass (1068738) writes "Michael Tiemann, the author of the G++ compiler and father of the open source support model that enabled Red Hat, weighs in on the concept of open source music, drawing parallels between Glenn Gould's "Participant Audience" essays, the thinking of Stallman, Lessig, and Raymond, and the Open Goldberg Variations project which was reported on Slashdot in 2012."
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dintech (998802) | about a year ago | (#44616065)

"Open source" music has existed since the 80s in the form of .MOD files and their descendents [] .

These were music files that contained all the sounds and score in an end-user viewable/editable format. You could learn techniques, steal samples, remix or really do almost anything with the music.

Copyright and the legality of using samples that you were not the rights holder of were still an issues however.

You can download lots of this "open source" music and change the "code": []
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