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Groklaw Shutters Doors Over NSA Email Spying

tetrahedrassface (675645) writes | 1 year,29 days


tetrahedrassface (675645) writes "Groklaw is shutting down over fears that the tactics the NSA uses for email snooping and storage could affect the way the site does law. Pamela Joins said, ""the simple truth is, no matter how good the motives might be for collecting and screening everything we say to one another, and no matter how "clean" we all are ourselves from the standpont of the screeners, I don't know how to function in such an atmosphere. I don't know how to do Groklaw like this," she writes..."
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Jones.. Pamela Jones! (1)

tetrahedrassface (675645) | 1 year,29 days | (#44622433)

I broke two fingers yesterday, and misspelled Jones as Joins... Oh well..

Groklaw Statement.> []

Re:Jones.. Pamela Jones! (1)

Megane (129182) | 1 year,29 days | (#44622483)

You also didn't notice that the story was already posted hours ago, which is a bit more of a problem.

Re:Jones.. Pamela Jones! (1)

tetrahedrassface (675645) | 1 year,29 days | (#44622933)

Well, I'll just go sit in a corner then. :)

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