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Guardian's Snowden Computer Destroyed

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year ago


An anonymous reader writes "Followup to the story yesterday about the Guardian newspaper's Snowden hard drive being destroyed ( Turns out that was partially true and did not fully do justice to how bat-turd crazy the authorities are. Yesterday's story said that the hard drives were destroyed. This already made no sense because copies were known to exist. Yesterday's article mentioned "sweeping up the remains of a MacBook Pro." It was unclear whether this was journalistic license being used to describe the remains of just the hard drive or whether the government authorities had taken bat-turd to the next level.

It is confirmed that a higher level was achieved ( They show pictures of the laptop circuit boards after an angle grinder and drills had been applied. Considering that the hard drive (also optical media and SD card if present) are the only non-volatile storage devices, the destruction of the computer was entirely unnecessary and was done purely to send a message."

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1 comment

Grand Theft + Malicious vandal (1)

niftymitch (1625721) | about a year ago | (#44624613)

This is grand theft and/ or malicious damage of property.

At this point the damage is done so no due process can let them off the hook for replacing the hardware and damages etc.

This activity by "experts" demonstrates vindictive premeditation.
This activity by novices demonstrates gross incompetence and calls to task expert testimony that may exist.

The destruction of evidence further negates the ability of the Crown or the US to prosecute the issue.

No mater which side of this you are on it looks bad.
Not bad sloppy but bad in the punitive and illegal context.

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