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Google Speeding Up New Encryption Project After Latest Snowden Leaks

coolnumbr12 (2889243) writes | about a year ago


coolnumbr12 (2889243) writes "In a new leak published by the Guadrian, New York Times and ProPublica, Edward Snowden revealed new secret programs by the NSA and GCHQ to decrypt programs designed to keep information private online. In response to NSA’s Bullrun and GCHQ’s Edgehill, Google said it has accelerated efforts to build new encryption software that is impenetrable to the government agencies.

Google has not provided details on its new encryption efforts, but did say it would be “end-to-end,” meaning that all servers and fiber-optic lines involved in delivering information will be encrypted."

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I don't buy it. (1)

Truekaiser (724672) | about a year ago | (#44791553)

Goolge already complies, and rather willingly to the government spying.
How can they possibly claim what they are working on does not have a back door, or bugs they are unwilling to fix to allow access to cia, nsa, and other agencies?
It is sad i have been proven right after years of saying 'be suspicious of all publicly available encryption.'
Has it really gotten to the point that if you want secure encryption you have to make your own?

Re:I don't buy it. (1)

russotto (537200) | about a year ago | (#44793173)

If you make your own you're toast. The best you can do is open source encryption that you've personally and separately had vetted by experts from three different power blocs.

Re:I don't buy it. (1)

AHuxley (892839) | about a year ago | (#44794601)

Yes plain text part is decoded anyway. If you attach an encoded message, your ip and message data is still useful.
The caring about the trip side is good but will undo the past news.
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