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Which incumbents should we vote out in the upcoming election?

Okian Warrior (537106) writes | about a year ago


Okian Warrior (537106) writes "A few congressional seats will be on the ballot for this year's upcoming federal elections.

Based on past performance, who would you vote against? Ignoring party affiliations and looking only at history, which of them has made decisions that are bad for the people? Which professional politicians should be opposed, in favor of untried alternatives?"

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All of them. (1)

mbourgon (186257) | about a year ago | (#44797361)

Like this wasn't immediately obvious. There will be a handful that were great, but a wholesale shake up would do more. And no, your specific congress-critter isn't special. Vote in the primaries too.

A *few* seats? (1)

unitron (5733) | about a year ago | (#44800263)

Speaking tongue in cheek there, I presume?

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