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Houston's Bubbling Tech Scene, TX/RX

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year ago


An anonymous reader writes "Similar to Houston's bubbling tech scene, TX/RX, Houston's only makerspace, is now in full force and gaining momentum by the minute. Google, Microsoft, and NASA are now all on board and will join TX/RX on their latest projects. Other classes, such as creating quadcopters or building arduinos, have recently gained traction. TX/RX is Houston's only makerspace and it's growing by the year. Houston received the largest influx of new residents in 2013, and many of those have been in the tech space. SXSW was once just a music concert and is now at the forefront of the Tech Scene. TX/RX, which was once a small group of people discussing intellectual conversation, is soon to follow suit, and lead Houston's makerspace-tech community."
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