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The Corrosive Effect of Surveillance Society

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 year,9 days


An anonymous reader writes "Crikey warns that government obsession with secrecy while violating its own citiziens' privacy has backfired. We've also learnt that government employees will abuse private information. They can't help it. There have been 15,000 cases of NSA employees abuses (including stalking women) and all over the world police and even city employees abuse private data about citizens, and is now harming relations amongst friendly nations, undermining business and public trust in the governent. Was it worth it? Crikey argues not."
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The Emperor's New Clothes (1)

sirnomad99 (2883747) | 1 year,9 days | (#44917111)

The major shift in Washington is not the existence of surveillance. Anybody with any kind of IT training knows the tech has been in place for a long time for this capability, it is naive to think that the government wasn't using it. The big difference is the government's reaction to our outcry. In the past when the government got caught with their hands in the cookie jar there would be apologies and the public motions of cleaning house and vague assurances that those responsible would be dealt with and watched more closely We knew that it was lies and illusion but we went along with it because it at least gave us the appearance of being important enough for the effort. The major shift is that this time instead of trying to smooth over the out roar the government is instead acting defensive and taking the stance that they did nothing wrong and dissenters are being treated as troublemakers and in some cases being strong armed to fall in line or forced out of the way. We the people have gone from being those being served to the faceless peons to be ordered around and ruled. We do not matter enough anymore to even make the effort to be lied to.
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