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Building developer ecosystems: What vendors do to attract you to their platform

Esther Schindler (16185) writes | about 10 months ago


Esther Schindler (16185) writes "Software developers have lots of choices about the platforms they target. Savvy vendors put serious thought into the ways to recruit people to write software to integrate with their stuff. Here's what they do --or they ought to.

exposing APIs isn't enough for a company to be successful at attracting and keeping developers. Vendors also need to provide support and maybe tools for them, and create an actual community.

Commercial vendors devote a lot of money and other resources to convince developers to make a commitment to their platform — whether it's the latest mobile device or a car's OS, and whether they provide an API, a t-shirt, or an all-expense-paid developer conference. But the "What developers want" discussion has issues relevant to open source projects as well."
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