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Ask Slashdot: Why do we still believe in Evolution?

ta5tyfr3z (1003522) writes | 1 year,28 days


ta5tyfr3z (1003522) writes "In a similar vein as a previous Slashdot article, why do we still believe in evolution? or, at least, why do we act as if evolution is incontrovertible and there are no divergent theories within the greater theory of evolution? Does questioning evolution make you anti-science? After all, if we're simply just a series of chemical reactions then applying the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics would mean that we would eventually all evolve into lower lifeforms. And observationally — note, we can't observe evolution on a mass scale in our lifetime -, most mutations (beyond changes in color or size) in large lifeforms seen in nature result in less functioning life forms."

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Because we're not idiots (1)

i kan reed (749298) | 1 year,28 days | (#44947735)

Thanks for regurgitating creationist bullshit, while neither understanding the 2nd law, grasping that there's an obvious external source of energy for earth that makes it not a closed system(in which the law would apply at all, even in its correct form), ignoring that we've seen plenty of mass scale evolution, and not understanding mutations.

If you want a detailed explanation of just how wrong you are, and have some hope for yourself becoming less wrong, just reply, and I am more than willing to walk you through the underlying science.

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