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U.S. Government: Sorry, We're Closed

theodp (442580) writes | 1 year,18 days


theodp (442580) writes "CNN reports that the U.S. government shut down at 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday after lawmakers in the House and the Senate could not agree on a spending bill to fund the government. Federal employees who are considered essential will continue working. But employees deemed non-essential — close to 800,000 — will be furloughed, and most of those are supposed to be out of their offices within four hours of the start of business Tuesday."

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'+' button and why (1)

darenw (74015) | 1 year,18 days | (#44998977)

An important story, obviously, at least for those in North America. I clicked the '+' and 'interesting' but, oh, how tempting it was to click 'funny'...

Does this include: (1)

Chas (5144) | 1 year,18 days | (#44999185)

The president?
The vice president?
All their assorted hangers-on and boot-lickers?
Both houses of Congress?
All THEIR assorted hangers-on and boot-lickers?
The Secret Service.
The NSA.
The FBI.
The CIA.
The TSA.
Any other "agencies" I may have missed?

Or are they just putting a bunch of mailmen, janitors and secretaries who actually DO something for a living on unpaid leave?

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