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Former Microsoft Privacy Chief Doesn't Trust Company, Uses Open Source Software

MojoKid (1002251) writes | 1 year,21 days


MojoKid (1002251) writes "Microsoft's onetime Chief Privacy Advisor, Caspar Bowden, has come out with a vote of no-confidence in the company's long-term privacy measures and ability or interest to secure user data in the wake of the NSA's PRISM program. From 2002 — 2011, Bowden was in charge of privacy at Microsoft, and oversaw the company's efforts in that area in more than 40 countries, but claims to have been unaware of the PRISM program's existence while he worked at the company. In the two years since leaving Microsoft, Bowden has ceased carrying a cell phone and become a staunch open source user, claiming that he no longer trusts a program unless he can see the source."
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GPS Tracker (1)

hoboroadie (1726896) | 1 year,21 days | (#45001129)

I quit carrying a cell phone when they installed the e911 tracking system.

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