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French Military Saves 40% by Switching to Open Source

Karashur (3343623) writes | 1 year,22 days


Karashur (3343623) writes "After switching 37,000 PCs to Ubuntu, French Armed Forces says open source cuts costs 40 percent. The French Gendarmerie, a branch of the French Armed Forces in charge of public safety, has been a leader in moving away from proprietary software in recent years."
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From the article: (1) (595837) | 1 year,22 days | (#44999999)

I'd like to quote the end of the article:

It’s also interesting to note how the French Gendarmerie handled this transition. They first moved over to open source applications before switching out the OS. That way their employees were used to the tools long before losing Windows, making for a much easier transition where Ubuntu fades into the background and “just works.

Well done !

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