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Apache CloudStack 4.2.0 released

ke4qqq (678293) writes | 1 year,21 days


ke4qqq (678293) writes "This release represents over six months of work from the Apache CloudStack community with 57 new and 29 improved features being provided. Many new features incorporate contributions from major corporations and support for industry standards. New integrated support of the Cisco UCS compute chassis, LXC, SolidFire storage arrays, and the S3 storage protocol are just a few of the features available in this release."
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Avoid this release (1)

NoImNotNineVolt (832851) | 1 year,21 days | (#45005055)

I've been sitting on the listservs for some time, and all I can say is 4.2 is that it's not ready for release. There's a number of features that have been broken since 4.1, and it took something like five or six rounds of voting before 4.2 was approved. Many involved parties expressed disappointment with the overall state of this release. Wait for the next point update at the very least.

Obligatory? (1)

denmarkw00t (892627) | 1 year,21 days | (#45006753)

Release 4.2.0, eh? What features are baked in?

Ba. dum.

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