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Online "revenge porn" gets a smack-down. More on the way?

coondoggie (973519) writes | about a year ago


coondoggie (973519) writes "Call it a modern day love story: Boy meets girl; they "like" each other; they privately sext naked pics of each other to celebrate; girl loses interest, breaks it off; guy responds by posting previously private pics to Internet site specializing in revenge; girl has little recourse, suffers much humiliation, ridicule.

There is a lot of pressure to change the outcome of such wretched stories — which seem to be pervasive these days. And some relief is on the way the way, at least in California where this week the governor signed one of the nation's first laws making so called "revenge porn" illegal. Specifically the bill prevents people from "electronically distributing or post naked pictures of ex-romantic partners after a break-up with designs shaming the person publically.""

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