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Using data analytics in education could create a new class of have and have-nots

mattydread23 (2793761) writes | about a year ago


mattydread23 (2793761) writes "Every student learns differently. Some educators are starting to use data analytics to figure out how to tailor teaching techniques to individual students, rather than using the "one size fits all" approach. But Alec Ross, a senior advisor on innovation at the U.S. State Department, worries this would create a new class of haves and have-nots. Speaking at the Schools for Tomorrow conference last week, Ross said, "A lot of what I see is the ability to productize and commercialize very intensive assessments of individual limits. So what I imagine is parents getting their kids essentially a $30,000 educational checkup where they extract enormous amounts of data about the kinds of learners their children are, the kinds of education deficits they have.""
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Nonsense (1)

StatFiend (78320) | about a year ago | (#45039899)

There have -always- been "haves" and have-nots and new technologies always debut among the "haves" (because they start off expensive), and become available to mot end more "have-nots" as the price comes down.

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