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Google Wants Patent on Splitting Restaurant Bills

theodp (442580) writes | 1 year,16 days


theodp (442580) writes ""In a classic example of parody coming to life," writes GeekWire's Todd Bishop, "a newly published patent filing reveals Google’s ambitions to solve one of the most troublesome challenges known to humanity: Splitting the bill at the end of a meal." In its patent application for Tracking and Managing Group Expenditures, Google boasts that the invention of six Googlers addresses "a need in the art for an efficient way to track group expenditures and settle balances between group members" by providing technology that thwarts "group members [who] may not pay back their entire share of the bill or may forget and not pay back their share at all.""

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Bistromathics subdued? (1)

turning in circles (2882659) | 1 year,16 days | (#45041847)

If Google can nullify bistromathics, does this not mean Google is the most powerful force in the universe? Or, is Google just doing an electronic version of the waitress collecting credit cards from everyone, which seems pretty standard these days, and not really patentable.
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