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PureVPN shuts down due to "legal issues"

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 year,18 days


An anonymous reader writes "It looks like PureVPN has shut down due to an as yet undisclosed incident. To quote "We had to handover all customer’s information to the authorities unfortunately. They might contact you if they need any details about the case they are working on. The following information was handed over: your name, billing address and phone number provided during purchase and any documents we had on file...""
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lies! damn lies! (1)

Gravis Zero (934156) | 1 year,17 days | (#45056115)

strait from the horse's mouth: []

This morning some of our users have received a fake email and we are putting this blog post as a clarification. We are NOT closing down nor do we have outstanding legal issues of any sort. We have neither been contacted by any authorities nor do we store our user's personal data to share with anyone.

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