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Why is there a lack of NSA-free advertisements from major Linux distributions?

Anonymous Coward writes | 1 year,16 days


An anonymous reader writes "The NSA/GCHQ disaster seems to be a really great opportunity for Linux distributions to advertise their spyware-free operating system and their intentional willingness to not cooperate with spying programs. Yet, while this pitch would be such a goldmine of excellent and almost free advertisement destined to go viral automagically, especially when all the big operating-system corporations have been found in a warm bed with the spooks, we do not see any such public announcements from Red Hat/Fedora, Canonical/Ubuntu or the likes. There is also no sign of dead man's switches appearing, which is the least one could do to avoid suspicion. Should we take these facts as signs of incompetence in benefiting from the NSA fallout or is it a sign that Linux, or its distributions, are not so innocent after all?"

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