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Nobel Winners Exemplify Israel's "Brain Drain" Problem

barlevg (2111272) writes | about 6 months ago


barlevg (2111272) writes "Two of the three scientists sharing this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry have Israeli citizenship, with Dr. Arieh Warshel having been born and educated in Israel, yet both are based at universities in the United States. These two scientists are perhaps the highest profile examples of a growing problem in the so-called "start-up nation," which is known for its high-tech tech companies and scientific innovation, and yet which loses more researchers to emigration than any other western nation. The problem? Large salary gaps between US and Israeli institutions. As Daniel Hershkowitz, president of Bar-Ilan University put it, "I don't see Israel being able to compete with what they offer in the United States.""
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Try what we do here (1)

Deadstick (535032) | about 6 months ago | (#45103935)

Just downgrade most of their faculty to adjuncts, pay them peanuts, and they'll have loads of money for the tenured guys. (Adjunct is Latin for "hind tit"...)

Not to mention... (1)

BobMcD (601576) | about 6 months ago | (#45103955)

Not to mention being able to live and work without the threat of rocket attacks, for example.

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