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Phosphor Watches founder bilks customers out of $314k with Kickstarter project

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year ago


An anonymous reader writes "Phosphor Watches founder, Donald Brewer, received over $314,000 from over 2,200 Kickstarter pledges for a watch that was supposed to be delivered in Nov. of 2012. Well, its Oct. 2013 and the watches still haven't been delivered. In fact, there hasn't even been an update from Mr. Brewer since August.

If a Kickstarter project with the backing of a company like Phosphor Watches, Stefan Andren as Creative Director (Design Director for Nike+), a "working prototype" and software development from Softeq, cannot pull a project together, what are we to believe happened?

I have tried contacting Kickstarter and Donald Brewer to no avail. All Kickstarter feels obligated to do is send a message to Mr. Brewer "with a reminder of [their] Terms of Use", and a "reminder of [their] expectations regarding posting consistent updates".

It is apparent that Donald Brewer has abandoned the project and bilked 2,278 backers.

I want to bring failed Kickstarter project to the attention of the Slashdot community as a cautionary tale to potential Kickstarter supporters, and look for suggestions on how to the defrauded backers should proceed.

Interestingly, Phosphor Watches still has the item on their website (Items TT001 through TT008), and the watches are now for sale on (product ID: 1332039375)."

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