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Finding all those Windows XP machines before its too late..

benthemeek (964276) writes | about a year ago


benthemeek (964276) writes "I am in the interesting position of supporting several small networks (50 PCs or less) that do not have a windows domain. With the End Of Life looming for windows XP, I need to identify all the machines that still run it. Does anyone know of a way I can do a scan for these machines on a network (ether windows or linux) that I can find out what OS is on these networks? I am sure that many others are faced with this same task of getting rid of XP before April and the coming script kiddie doom. I am afraid some little PC in a corner or closet will be overlooked if I just use sneaker-net.."

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Linux solution (1)

Ayourk (1125735) | about a year ago | (#45155993)

Assuming you have some sort of private network, I'd suggest installing Linux (your favorite distro) and using nmap to get the OS fingerprint of all the computers on your network. Another optional OS would be OpenBSD. OpenBSD may have a better OS fingerprinting database (not sure).
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