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Mark Shuttleworth launches diatribe on FOSS Tea Party

slack_justyb (862874) writes | 1 year,1 day


slack_justyb (862874) writes "Mark Shuttleworth sends his congrats to the Ubuntu developers and before going on a rambling about 14.04's name, takes aim at what he calls "The Open Source Tea Party".

Mir is really important work. When lots of competitors attack a project on purely political grounds, you have to wonder what THEIR agenda is.

Citing that many other distros doing finger pointing at Mir have too also NIH (Not Invented Here) the heck out of standard stacks and even calls out Lennart Poettering's systemd, who is the past has pointed out Canonical's tendency to favor projects they control.. However, not all has earned Mark's scorn. Even going so far to show love for Linux Mint

So yes, I am very proud to be, as the Register puts it, the Ubuntu Daddy. My affection for this community in its broadest sense – from Mint to our cloud developer audience, and all the teams at Canonical and in each of our derivatives, is very tangible today.

While I can say that it is great that Ubuntu 13.10 has hit the download, it is doubtful that blindly ""not"" pointing fingers and calling them one of the more radical groups in America will win many supporters."
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