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Ask ./: Where are the complete hosting providers?

Kludge (13653) writes | 1 year,5 days


Kludge (13653) writes "In 2000 there were thousands of email/web hosting businesses. In 2013 not much has changed.
To get my email/web/webmail/domain/VOIP/public-key/XMPP/VPN hosting I have to deal with five different service providers. Where are the complete hosting providers? The absence of competition in this area drives many to Google, making data siphoning easy for the NSA.
Why has hosting not advanced in the last 10 years? Where are the hosting providers that make end-to-end encrypted email/web/VOIP/XMPP easy and automatic for all my clients?"

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things change (1)

Spazmania (174582) | 1 year,4 days | (#45255185)

You don't casually run an email server any more (unless you're an idiot). Spammers will eat your lunch. Same with the web providers, the voip providers, even the DNS providers. It's a harsh environment outside the firewalls these days. Back in 2000 it took much less work to avoid being pwned.

And, frankly, the requirements have changed. If you had a web server with unix shell access in 2000, you were the man. Now it's a wordpress installation or a blog site or some mix of very complex LAMP applications.

So, small companies get good at doing *one* of these things. And that's what they sell.

Today's equivalent of 2000's "full hosting provider" is that you buy a virtual server. Which you can still do from many companies for $10 to $50 per month.

Hosting in 2013 (1)

metalfrogstudios (1938076) | 1 year,4 days | (#45256511)

I agree with you that the complete hosting providers are few and far between. I would also add that there are many around, some of whom advertise in mainstream media now, who would have you believe that price is everything and 'low-cost' deals will benefit your web marketing. This simply is not the case. yes, you may get a better deal in terms of price, however my experience is that with hosting and email services you get what you pay for. To this end, and with the requirements of not only the search engine's latests algorithms, but also the users requirement of a sharp, fast service, it is actually better to pay a price to have professionally managed services, than to rely on £2 a month hosting. I think hosting has advanced in terms of requirement, but once again the general user (not necessarily up to date with commercial requirements online) may just see that cost is everything, without looking at the minutiae of the service being offered.
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