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What To Do With Old Domains

Jason Levine (196982) writes | about 10 months ago


Jason Levine (196982) writes "While looking to buy a new domain for a website idea I had, I realized that over the years I've purchased quite a few domain names. I'm not a domain hoarder by any stretch of the imagination, but 14 domains isn't a small number either. Of those domains, only 6 are actively being used. Many of the others were used for web projects that died out or that never launched. I could let the domains expire or possibly sell them (some might actually take in some cash), but I'm afraid of the domains being grabbed by spammers or other nefarious individuals. Holding onto them is an option, but increasingly I'm wondering why I'm paying annual fees for domain names that I'm not using and likely will never use again.

How do you handle old domain names in your possession that you no longer need?"

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Trash (1)

Spazmania (174582) | about 10 months ago | (#45273053)

The same way I handle any widget for which I no longer foresee a need: donate it if there's someone convenient to donate it to. Otherwise, round-file it.

Split answer (1)

egcagrac0 (1410377) | about 10 months ago | (#45274103)

I keep the active domains, and keep paying for any domains that work out to basically free - the ones that put me over the quantity discount threshold from the registrar.

If you want to turn a buck, you might look for similar domain names out there and offer your surplus domains to them for cheap.

Beyond that, if it's been 3 years and there's little or no likelihood of using them in future, let them expire.

Honeypot (1)

Megor1 (621918) | about 10 months ago | (#45276087)

Use it for honeypots or donate it to an anti spam group so they can use it
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