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A second solar system has been detected that's very similar to our own

littlesparkvt (2707383) writes | 1 year,18 hours


littlesparkvt (2707383) writes "A team of astrophysicists at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und- Raumfahrt; DLR), together with German and European colleagues, has discovered the most extensive planetary system to date. Seven planets circle the star KOI-351 – more than in other known planetary systems. They are arranged in a similar fashion to the eight planets in the Solar System, with small rocky planets close to the parent star and gas giant planets at greater distances. Although the planetary system around KOI-351 is packed together more tightly, it provides an interesting comparison to our cosmic home."
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Star, not Sol (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,16 hours | (#45273817)

Sol is a name, just like "Earth" or "Terra". It may be a Sol-like system, but there is only one Solar system.

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