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AMD Radeon R9 290 Shows Outstanding Performance for $399, Rivals $549 290X

Vigile (99919) writes | about a year ago


Vigile (99919) writes "AMD keeps releasing new GPUs, this time in the form of the Radeon R9 290, dropping the 'X' from last month's R9 290X. Based on the same Hawaii GPU that includes 6.2 billion transistors, a 512-bit memory bus and 4GB of GDDR5 memory, the R9 290 drops 256 shader processors (to hit 2,560) and 16 texture units compared to the 290X. However, due to a higher maximum fan speed, the R9 290 will likely run at higher out-of-box, sustained clock speeds than the R9 290X at default settings. As a result, the R9 290 is not only beating the $499 GeForce GTX 780 but rivals the R9 290X at $549. Considering the R9 290 will have an MSRP of just $399 starting today, that is going to sound awfully impressive to enthusiasts."
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