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Google sparks online outrage with forced Google+ signups for YouTube users

NewtonsLaw (409638) writes | about a year ago


NewtonsLaw (409638) writes "Although Google has copped flak before when they've messed around with the winning formula that is YouTube, the world's most successful and popular video sharing site, I suspect that they weren't ready for the tsunami of anger that has been unleashed against them as a result of their latest changes.

All non-passive YouTube users (ie: anyone who wants to leave or reply to comments on videos) must now create a Google+ identity and link it to their YouTube channel.

Cynics (such as myself) are seeing this as a nasty piece of *evil* blackmail on the part of Google as it attempts to boost the numbers of G+ users and the levels of activity within the G+ community.

Unfortunately, in doing this, Google seems to have completely forgotten the KISS strategy that made their search engine so distinctive and a darling of Net users everywhere. The YouTube comments system was also very simple, very clean and surprisingly effective.

Now however, users must fight their way through the acres of dross that are associated with a Google+ account and although the new system offers a few extra features, much of the essential core functionality of the previous YouTube comments system has been destroyed.

There are presently several online petitions demanding that Google reinstate the old comments system and numerous "rant videos" from upset YouTube users but perhaps the best demonstration of how poorly this forced change has gone down is the like/dislike ratio and the nature of the comments on Google's own YouTube promotional video for these changes.


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Not as bad as made out to be (1)

Trax3001BBS (2368736) | about a year ago | (#45365983)

I have two accounts with youtube, Google is well aware of them. I was forced into Google + there's no way out if you want into Youtube
But I turned around and deleted my Google + account with no problem, I was asked why, and I just told em it wasn't they I just don't do the social sites.

My forced Google + accounts are gone.

Re:Not as bad as made out to be (1)

NewtonsLaw (409638) | about a year ago | (#45366041)

Can you still leave comments on YouTube videos though -- after you've deleted your G+ account?

Re:Not as bad as made out to be (1)

Trax3001BBS (2368736) | about a year ago | (#45373401)

Can you still leave comments on YouTube videos though -- after you've deleted your G+ account?

I normally don't comment on videos, and hadn't logged into Youtube for a week or two.
Was curious myself so tried. Yes, it's an in your face situation but I was able to Comment to this video
Battlefield 4 Launch: Death from Above
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bop_uiM6pqo [youtube.com] a video I don't mind saying "excellent" to.

I took a screen shot of the page http://i41.tinypic.com/2ic18qo.jpg [tinypic.com] just before unchecked share with Google+ and hit post.
This Jpg may be gone at any time in the future. Could of been a better pix but what I got.

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