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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear EPIC Challenge to NSA Surveillance

Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes | about a year ago


Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "The challenge to the NSA’s domestic surveillance program filed with the Supreme Court by the Electronic Privacy Information Center ended Monday, with the court refusing to consider the challenge at all. EPIC had filed the challenge directly with the Supreme Court rather than going through the lower courts.

EPIC, a non-profit organization involved in privacy policy matters, had asked the court to vacate an order from a judge in the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court that had enabled the NSA’s collection of hundreds of millions of Verizon call records under the so-called metadata collection program. The challenge hinged on the idea that the FISC had gone outside of its authority in granting the order."

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-_- (1)

ememisya (1548255) | about a year ago | (#45456713)

-_- ... There was this village, with 2 venues of entertainment, one a movie theatre, and the other a cafe. The villagers always hung out at the cafe, until the movie theatre owner decided to cut prices by half. Seeing that everyone now hangs out at the theatre, the cafe owner started offering free ice cream with coffee, and everyone returned to hang at the cafe. Until both establishments noticed that they are barely making any profit. They got together to sort out their differences and sign deals to fix their prices. They were the 2 richest bodies of power in the village, and they had finally united. Soon, the service in both the cafe and the theatre started to drop, coffee cheapened and the price never fell. Half the villagers stopped going to either place, and the other half complained about both places.
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