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Electric Cars: Drivers Love 'Em, So Why Are Sales Still Low?

cartechboy (2660665) writes | about a year ago


cartechboy (2660665) writes "The electric car challenge is what insiders call "getting butts in seats" — and a lot of butts today still belong to humans who are not yet buying electric cars. The big question is: Why? Surveys show drivers are interested in electric cars--and that they love them once they drive them. EVs also cost less to maintain (though more to buy in the first place) and many experts say they're simply nicer to drive. So what's the problem? Disinterested dealers, uneven distribution, limited supplies, and media bias are some potential challenges. Or maybe it's just lousy marketing--casting electric cars as a moral imperative or a duty, like medicine you have to take."
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There's no secondary market yet. (1)

tibit (1762298) | about a year ago | (#45496223)

I think a big problem is lack of secondary, used-car market, as well as lack of aftermarket parts. All this will come in due time. In my situation buying a new car is more-or-less a waste of money, since I both enjoy working on my cars, and don't really mind driving something 5-15 years old, depending on the make and model. The new price of just one of the cars I own could have covered all 5 of the cars I've owned through the years.

Yeah, I'd love driving an electric car, but I'm not going to shell out $50k+ for something comparable to the sedan I currently drive. In 10 years there should be plenty of used electric cars available for sale. I'll get one then.

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